It all started in 2003.I thank my cousin Sonia for enlightening me about this hair locking method that has taken everyone by storm. When I first saw her Sisterlocks I fell in love
with them and immediately wanted them for myself. I could see this was something
that black women have been waiting for and wanted to be the first qualified
Hairdresser in the UK to offer this service.

The following month I was in Detroit taking a Sisterlocks class under the
supervision of Dr. Joanne Cornwall (Founder of Sisterlocks). I was one of
the first consultants in the UK to be certified and also the first to become R
certified (qualifed to train clients to maintain their sisterlocks) . As they
say the rest is now history,

Sisterlocks is an easy way of maintaining natural hair. It is very versatile due
the size of your locks & carefully thought of pattern.

As I am also a qualified hairdresser, I have a very good understanding of Afro
Hair and can also offer colouring and styling to my clients.


All clients will have a consultation before having there locks installed this is important so we can discuss lifestyle, the history of the clients hair and any concerns they may have. Please make sure the hair is clean and flowing free with out extensions so an accurate price can be given for installing the locks.

Prices will depend on length & thickness of hair.

After the consultation the client wishes to have the Sisterlocs installed about six sample locks will be placed behind the ear, this will be what determines the size and pattern which will be used.
A separate appointment will be made (they will not be put in the same day as the consultation), allow one to two days for Sisterlocs to be installed as each hair is different.


A price will be given once your hair is assessed at the consultation.


Every head is different; retightening can take between 2.5 hours to 6 hours and
needs to be maintained every 4 to 6 weeks.

The London Loc Tool

Introducing the new updated LondonLoc tool...  

Hand made solid Stirling Silver.925 tool produced in our London workshop in the UK. Incorporating the new super stainless steel piston spring with almost limitless compression.

Silver ( argent ) has the amazing quality of anti microbial and antibacterial properties which has been Used throughout the ages to cure infections and heal wounds, with the ability to kill a wide range Bacteria and viruses including E.coli and Staphylococcus.

Silver used in medicine is colloidal silver which is the suspension of microscopic particles of silver,before the advent of antibiotics.

This tool will not catch on your locks

Loc Tool


Available to buy today and delivered worldwide.. shipping fees will be calculated once you enter your delivery address.

Additional information


Just Lock Tool, Loc Tool With 18" Chain, Just 18" Chain

Retightening class

If you have had your locks installed for at least 6 months and your consultant feels you’re ready to retighten your own hair you can take charge of maintaining your beautiful locks. The class usually takes up to 4 hours and are held several times a year.

By the end of the class you will have the knowledge to start maintaining your own hair; the classes are also fun because you get to meet other sisters. Make sure to visit your consultant at least once a year to have your hair groomed.

Please call to enquire when the next retightening class is being held.


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In October 2005 I discovered Sisterlocks and its is the best thing that has happened to my hair. It was Liz's beautiful tresses that I saw at Adornment 2005 that convinced me to use her as a consultant and I have no regrets. Her hair is a brilliant promotion for Sisterlocks. Not only that but she is a very warm friendly, patient, great consultant to work with. I have been a client for 2.5 years and as long as she will put up with my locks I am staying put. My hair loves her hands more than it loves mine! Denise from Shoreditch.
Liz patiently educated me about Sisterlocks, showing me the video etc, and making me relaxed in her home. I was given time to think about locking and I am proud to have made the right decision and join the Sisterlocks crew. Pat, London.
From months of thinking about it, to two days of having it done comes a lifetime of happiness. Marriage made in lock heaven, and that’s what happened when Bobbie met Liz.
The day I met Liz, I felt blessed. The first thing that I noticed about her was Liz’s strikingly colourful Sisterlocks. It was then I realised that I finally found the answer to my ongoing hair problems. I wanted to have hair just like Liz’s. Now as a consultant and a good friend, I hang on to every little bit of advice Liz has to offer. Liz’s knowledge and expertise in the Sisterlocks field is invaluable to me and the progression of my blossoming locs. 3 years later and I am still having my locks done. Thank you, Ingrid.

I have had no end of compliments about how fabulous my hair looks. Liz is a wonderful woman, and I feel great every time I have a consultation. Eunice, Enfield.
Every sister needs Sisterlocks. Thank you for my new look. You truly made me happy. Frenchie.
Liz is an amazing teacher, very patient, motivational and very supportive. Liz is a true professional and a credit to Sisterlocks and most important Liz is a lovely person. Alladin.

I have had my locks for 3yrs before my locks i was very depressed about my hair it was getting finer by the day, a friend of mine told me about Sisterlocks and told me to have a consultation with Liz. When i had my consultation Liz made me feel so relaxed i warmed to her instantly a month later i had my locks installed i have never looked back my hair has got thicker and i no longer have to worry about my hair .Thanks Liz from your loyal client Cecile.


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